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Soul Testimonials 

Gladys San Juan is just amazing. She definitely has a gift. I was so excited and intrigued to have my reading done.

The report that Gladys put together was very informative, comprehensive and easy to read and understand. It set out exactly what was required for any clearing work which I followed and reaped the rewards. Absolutely fascinating and I felt a huge shift in my way of thinking. I can’t recommend her enough. If you are thinking of having a reading - Gladys San Juan is your lady. 


I was a little skeptical about having the soul realignment session at first, but I had felt as though I was searching for something for quite a few years, my life seemed OK on the surface, but deep down I knew that something was missing, or there was something I needed to do – but I had no idea what that was. Working full-time, studying, and being a Mum to three children, I was very busy but was lacking in direction. Gladys’ soul realignment was recommended to me, so I decided to give it a try and boy, was I glad I did.

The reading was so revealing and a lot of it really resonated with me. There were some surprises and colour to my ‘soul story’ that was so interesting and revealing, a lot of things seemed to make sense. Gladys explained so clearly and I was blown away by her knowledge, compassion and understanding during the process, if felt like therapy in a way. I left feeling excited about the ‘clearing work’ I was to do in the following weeks for myself and my home. This was easy to follow with full instructions and only took a maximum 10-15 mins out of my day. The rituals started to help clear my mind and ease my stress. Subsequently months later I really feel more ‘at peace’ with myself – and now, over 6 months after that first reading the I feel like I’m more aligned with my soul’s path and have more clarity for my future. I have definitely noticed a shift and the clearing work really brought me back to centre and reminded me to take time out for myself each day. Now I’m interested in trying her tarot readings to help with some of the decision making for my new business venture once my studies are complete this year. I would highly recommend Glady’s work if you need more clarity or focus in your life.


Even though I went into the session with Gladys a little sceptical, I was determined to keep an open mind as to what may be presented to me, and I`m glad I did. The session was completely fascinating and very thought-provoking. Delivered in a calm and relaxed environment, Gladys unearthed challenging and thought-provoking scenarios and emotions that I didn't expect, but more importantly they rang true with my life, my thought processes, and my current view on the world and universe. Gladys is obviously immensely talented in the field of soul realignment and she exudes a natural charm and gift in this field of study. 


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