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What does your home or business and its energy mean to you? Lets see what story your home and land have to tell us...

Homes are our personal grounding and sanctuaries. They protect us but they also can absorb and accumulate negative energies from the outside world.  If you and or your family members are experiencing certain negative symptoms affecting your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing  these could be disruptions created by negative energetic changes as well as our place of work or a commercial business can experience disruptions causing  many issues that can be anything mainly dealing with financial stagnancy even bankruptcy or business expansion.

A Property Landscape Healing Reading can help you understanding why these negative energies sometimes called anomalies or energetic frequencies are occurring they can be in the form of energetic portalways, or gateways, land or past occupant trauma, earthbound souls, underground waterways, ancient burial sites or battlegrounds.  These negative frequencies will affect the occupants at a mental, emotional or physical  level. 


This reading is suitable for all kind of residential, commercial properties, new business set ups, farms, rural land ownership, conservation sites, i.e: you own it, rent or lease the property as well for new Business Start Up Alignment Reading Review .


What does the Property and Landscape reading include?​​​

  • A 60 min  zoom in depth session identifying   the current vibrational alignment of the property and how it is affecting the inhabitants. The property can be your home, business, land or grounds and what anomalies are interfering  with  good chi energy flow.

  • I work with Shamanic Land Assignment principles and  Feng Shui elements.

  • I work either remotely  or I can come to the premise for an analysis and I will be able to conduct an investigation. Either remotely or in person you will receive your own specific clearing energy homework to restore  balance and good chi flow.

NB: Please note the full report and recording completion can take up to 1 – 2 weeks depending on the order received.   


                  Price for reading and remote clearing


                     PDF document report only £80.00

If you would like to to book a live consultation online the fee is £40.00 for 60 minutes.

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