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Imagine your new reality where you are living your best life possible? This readings and the one to one coaching system will provide guidance and support when you desire to  embark on a new life path, whether it will be starting a new business, a different career, improving relationships or starting a new one, changing homes even countries. There are a lot of good reasons to peek into the future within the Akashic Records as to know whether you are pursuing a goal that is realistic, based on both scope and timeframe, to uncover how we might modify a goal to bring it into the realm of realistic and prepare us to work to achieve it and discover our full potential and to transcend the ego fear base energy that keeps us limited or stuck and become more conscious of your ability to manifest that what you desire.


The Future in the Akashic Records offers a different perspectives of your present moment and what it can look like with a vast number of choices that are in alignment are available to you. 

Please be aware that the choices we make constantly change the future. This reading does not predict your future but it will give clarity on setting the correct course of action plans to help you make the right choices and decisions towards your new life outcome. 

Special Offer! Book a free 60 min zoom introductory session to see if this is the right modality for you.



What will the reading and live session include?​​

  • A 120 min one-to-one live Introduction zoom session which will give you  the  opportunity to discuss your intention / goal.

  • The reading is prepared remotely where I will receive the information that on how to best vibrationally match your desired outcome and realistic timelines, probabilities and trajectories as well as what is currently causing challenges and blocks.

  • An in depth full Chakra Imbalance reading.

  • You will have support via email and receive answers to your questions. 

  • 21 Day Energy Clearing Affirmation Assignment to clear, shift and course correct in your new timeline. 

Follow up 60 min  session which will include:

  • A feedback session where we review your reading based on what is not in alignment and what blocks are manifesting that are not in alignment with your intention./goal.

  • An in depth working action guide plan to help you reach your goal. This is a timeline and management plan personalised tyle in reaching your goal.​

This program can be tailor made to fit your needs, We will work  together up to for six months which we can spread out the meetings. It is suggested. 


Full Package £ 300 includes 120 min 1x1 live online session with report and clearing guidance plus a follow up 60 min follow up.  Low income £250.00 ( two instalments)

For more info on the process, click here

NB: Please note the full report and recordings completion can take up to 5 weeks depending on the order received.  ​

Six one to one sessions 

60 min each

Additional Extras

Two one to one sessions 

60 min each

The option to have 6 one to one 60 minute sessions every two weeks including an extra 7th session for free 

The option to book 2 one-to-one 60 minute sessions two weeks apart with the 3rd free 

Additional follow-up one-to-one coaching sessions packages are available below as add-on based upon client's requirements.  Returning clients Price £ 40.00 for 60 min

Price:  £198

Price:  £88

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