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What to expect upon booking a reading?
  • You will find all the information about each reading in once you decide to book a Soul Realignment reading and session I will send you a questionnaire where you will fill out with your full name at birth, current name, date, and place of birth as well as other important information and what you are current difficulty you may be experiencing in your life as well as an intention you are ready to explore.

  • I will work remotely and work with the Akashic Records where I will receive information on your Soul Profile where I will check if your soul resonates with my energy to proceed with the work. Sometimes which is rare, a soul might not want to be accessed at the present moment. If this is to occur I will notify you before proceeding with the booking.

  • Depending on client volume, I do a first come first served so there might be a waiting period which I will let you know the waiting period. Usually, a reading preparation will take me between 1 and 2 weeks.  I will let you know when to expect your reading.

  • I will prepare a PDF document and an accompanying full detailed audio mp3 recording about 90 min that will give you information on your Soul Profile, Soul Origination, Your Divine Soul Purpose with gifts called Divine Energy Centers, your current soul vibration and what current blocks and restrictions you experiencing and disrupting areas of your life as well as a full Chakra energy check to see which ones are experiencing imbalance and how they are playing out in areas of your life whether mental, emotional or physical.

  • You will receive the document with the recording where you can listen in your own time to and we will schedule your first one-to-one live zoom session to review your reading. Please prepare your questions before your session. 

  • We will spend thirty minutes reviewing the process of the soul realignment twenty-one-day homework clearing affirmation with optional advice on specific meditation exercises where you can work towards your intention.

  • After you complete your twenty-one-day clearing exercise we can schedule your second check -in one to one live zoom session to see how you are feeling, how to stay in check in not repeating cycles, and moving forwards with your soul purpose. 

Please contact:   for any queries

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