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Soul Realignment is a well respected advanced spiritual modality that is aligned with the Akashic Records and your soul's blueprint as it entails discovering who you really are at soul level as well, your truthful essence. 

I like to see the practice of Soul Realignment as a form of quantum multidimensionality energy healing that can time bend at many levels. It is an opportunity to discover what is blocking you from your highest vibration and who you came here to be.  
Practitioners of Soul Realignment believe that each person has a unique divine soul energetic blueprint and essence. This blueprint encompasses the soul's characteristics, qualities, and experiences from various past lifetimes and it will investigate what is causing  causing imbalances in your vibrational energetic force  manifesting as challenges, blockages, or recurring issues in the individual's current life that affect the mental, emotional and physical body.

The Akashic Records is the universal archive where every thing ever created is recorded and where we can access the information that is normally hidden from our conscious mind from past lives, multiverses, present situations and futurelives.  By  accessing this information you gain a higher perspective of your past and present challenges, your soul lessons and soul gifts. you can also access information on your  soul's chosen destiny you can also gain access to another person's records with permission.  The benefits are immense as you can receive answers about current challenges or current / future choices.  The records can be read in order to clear other life traumatic events, negative karmic cycles, imprints belief programming such as vows, agreements, soul contracts and connections, agreements made that don't serve you any more.  Basically the records will aid you in changing  your life script.  
With  Soul Realignment I as a practitioner and reader will identify what are the specific life issues that you are struggling with and what are the negative karmic patterns and blockages that have been created from the individual's energy field where we identify them and release them and align the individual with their soul's essence and purpose, leading to a more harmonious and fulfilling life.
Soul Realignment is often considered a great modality for  soul growth and  self-discovery at the highest level. By gaining insight into your soul's essence and understanding the underlying energetic dynamics, you will better equipped to make conscious choices that support their personal and spiritual development.

It's important to note that Soul Realignment, like other metaphysical and energy-based practices, is based on belief systems that may not be supported by scientific evidence although that is changing with the study of quantum physics.
It should be approached as an alternative/complementary approach to your overall well-being/

If you're interested in exploring the Akashic Records and Soul Realignment or my other healing practices, please get in touch for a free thirty minute consultation  where I can explain the  process in detail and you can decide if this is the right healing modality your soul knows your truth.  I look forward to hear from you.   

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