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Akashic Soul Profile Reading

The Soul Profile Reading is a lovely introduction and gives you insight whether you will continue with the a Foundation Soul Realignment Reading. The Soul Profile gives you the opportunity to discover your Divine Soul's Blueprint and gain insight into your life’s purpose and help you make the changes needed to move forward and to unlock your full potential.  This reading makes a great gift!  

Your Soul Profile Reading  includes?​​

  • Your individual  Divine Energetic Soul Blueprint.

  • Your Soul Origination. 

  • Your Soul Specialisation(s)  and life lessons. 

  • Your current Soul Profile Vibrational Stage. 

  • What could be blocking your vital force energy?

  •  Chakra Imbalances

  • A a detailed  report  with advice and healing

NB: Please note the full report and recordings completion can take up to 1 – 2 weeks depending on the order received.

Price:  £50.00  if you  resognate with your Soul Profile why not book a complementary 30 min consultation for a full Soul Realignment Reading?

Trees Reflection in the Water

60 minute 21-day clearing work follow up zoom session.


This is a good session and opportunity to discuss how you are feeling and what changes you are making through action and intention on the specific situation.

What will be included:

  • A check in on your experience and how you are feeling?

  • If you feel a certain shift or sense of relief

  • Questions you may have and what next

  • We will work together setting a set of intentions towards a particular goal you would like to achieve

  • Keeping up with your wellbeing action plan

 Price £40.00

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