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Akashic Records Soul Realignment Foundation Reading and Guidance Program

This unique advance modality works at with with  the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual essence of your soul. It will discover your unique Soul's Blueprint, it's energetic makeup that defines who your are at soul level. Lets beging by introducing the Akashic Records which contains all the information about you from creation to this current moment, it's  past life experiences and what kind of choices you made in a specific past life that was unresolved or an unfinished business causing  blocks and restrictions and forming negative karmic patterns which have kept you stuck through lifetimes looping and creating toxic cycles that have kept you from your true potential being abundance and happiness. 

This in depth reading is recommended for the start of your journey to understand your unique divine path, getting to know yourself and restoring balance, harmony and alignment with your soul's purpose and divine nature. The ultimate goal of Soul Realignment is to empower your to live authentically, in alignment with your soul's purpose, and to make the right  choices that support your  spiritual growth and fulfillment. It is often viewed as a transformative journey that can lead to greater self-awareness, inner peace, and personal empowerment.


  What you will receive with your reading?

We begin with a 30 minute complementary consultation where I gather all the necessary details from you and to better understand your intention. I work remotely in putting your reading together then we meet for a 90 minute live reading session were we review what was revealed for to know which is your Soul's Contract in this life time and  includes your Soul's Profile, your Divine Blueprint which is your Soul Signature Energy Center your unique, creative, energetic frequencies, your Soul Specializations as well as the specific blocks you are facing and why  they have been created. This session promises to be a life-changing experience journey you will embark on.​

After your reading, you will receive a 21-Day Energetic Clearing Affirmation Document designed to help you course-correct and clear the blocks and negative cycles hindering your divine purpose and abundance.

Additionally, you will receive follow-up advice and guidance on maintaining your alignment, enabling you to start manifesting your desired goals.

 Price for the full Soul Realignment Reading Package is: £300.00/£250.00 low income
Includes: 30 min complimentary consultation, Remote preparation of your reading, A 90-minute  follow up
recorded session, your in depth Soul Profile & Realignment Reading Report, 21 Day Energy Clearing Homework to re-set. Your in depth Soul Profile and Soul Realignment report, Energy clearing homework 
a 60-minute follow-up/Aftercare review session.   Price: £100.00/£80.00 low income includes in depth Soul Realignment report only.
 IN DEPTH FOUNDATION DELUXE PACKAGE IS A 3 max 5 month program where we work together.
 It Includes a your Soul Realignment Reading and Manifesting for Your Future Program​Price: £500.00 (£400.00 for low income)  Two full empowering programs with a minimum duration of three months
 What it includes is a 60-minute complimentary introductory session preparing you for both readings and working with manifesting your  desired dream, goals and setting these new trajectories.  Please see Manifesting your Future Reading.​  (Payment Plan: Available)

60 minute 21-day clearing work follow up zoom session.


This is a good session and opportunity to discuss how you are feeling and what changes you are making through action and intention on the specific situation.

What will be included:

  • A check in on your experience and how you are feeling?

  • If you feel a certain shift or sense of relief

  • Questions you may have and what next

  • We will work together setting a set of intentions towards a particular goal you would like to achieve

  • Keeping up with your wellbeing action plan

Additional Extra

Price:  £40.00

NB: Please note the full report and recordings completion can take up to 2 -4  weeks depending on the order received.  

Note: Zoom follow ups not included.

Follow up sessions are £40.00 for 60 minutes




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